What Determines The Cost Of Professional Video Production

Are you looking to have a video produced for your business, but you're not sure how much it will cost? With the technology being so accessible these days for HD cameras and video editing software, you may be wondering if hiring a professional is coming down in cost or not. The truth is that there are many moving parts that come together if you want a finished product that looks great. Here are some of those costs that will make up an estimate for your commercial video.

Pre-Production Costs

There is a lot of prep work that goes into making a video before the day that you start recording footage. A producer needs to hire crew members that include lighting experts, camera operators, writers, and directors. You can expect to go through a script approval process with storyboards that give you an accurate idea of what everything they shoot will look like. This gives you a great chance to speak up and change things that you don't like before it is too late. The pre-production process can often be the most important part of the whole thing, and paying for professional help to get through it will show.

Production Costs

In addition to the cost of the crew members that range from the technical side to makeup, there will be many costs on the day of production that can add up. You won't be shooting the video on an iPhone, so equipment rentals will be involved to make sure that you are capturing great quality video through a nice lens, which really affect the overall quality of the finished product. In addition, you may have a location rental fee if you are shooting in a studio,

Post-Production Costs

Your producer will have created a post-production schedule to determine how many hours it will take to edit your video, which is based on prior experience with similar projects. The goal is to not exceed those hours while also allocating time for a limited round of revisions for you to make changes. You can expect different budgets for aspects of the post-production process, which includes hours for editorial, graphic design, audio mixing, and color correction. Budgets are used to keep you on track and to make sure that the post-production process does not go on forever, which is certainly possible with digital video editing these days and all the options that you have.

Reach out to a video production service company for more info on how to get your video made.