Is A Confrontation At Your Business Causing Legal Concerns? Get These Things Fast

If there was an incident at your business and there are staff members upset, injured, and starting to turn on each other, you want to get everyone's account of the story. There are a few different things that you want to do so you ca make sure that you have the details from every person's point of view, and so you can deal with the issue properly if there are legal matters. Get in touch with the following people and do the following things for your own protection.

Talk with Your Lawyer and Suggest Attorneys

Talk with your lawyer about the incident, so they can work out the details and so they can start representing you if you have an employee that wants to sue. You also need your lawyers help to sort out the situation among the staff in your building, and to make sure that everything is managed legally and as it needs to be so your business doesn't suffer because of what happened.

You want to have you staff make statements in front of a camera so they don't change their story later on. Suggest they get their own lawyer if they want for the depositions.

Hire a Video Deposition Service

You want a team of  audio visual professionals -- a video deposition service -- to come in to the office, so that you can have everyone interviewed on camera. They have the high picture quality, sound equipment, and other things that are needed to make sure that the interview is easy to hear, and to ensure that you can clearly see the person who is talking.

File the Necessary Police Reports

You need to file the necessary police reports so that the police are aware of the incident, and to protect your staff and your business. The employees may be taking their own legal action, so your lawyer will want to be proactive. Talk with your lawyer and have them compile the report with you.

There can be disputes in the work place that can get out of hand, but if something happened that left people injured or property damaged, you want to get into motion getting your lawyer right away. You don't want to wait until you have someone that is trying to press charges against your business and you as the owner, or have other issues, and then they are mismanaged because you didn't have your legal team on hand.